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Dahle 12" vantage office paper cutter

Whether you are interested in trimming a single sheet of paper or a stack of 700, Dahle paper cutters will give you the results you desire. Our blades have a self-sharpening precision graduated edge which gives you the ability shave the smallest piece from the edge of your paper. These results are achieved from over 75 years of cutting and sharpening experience.
Engineered and developed by Dahle, our products are factory tested before release and designed to meet the strictest safety standards in both personal and professional grade products. You can have the piece of mind in knowing you are about to purchase a quality product that will provide many years of precise results and trouble free operation.
Dahle Vantage 12" Paper Trimmer
Whether you are cutting a single sheet of paper or fifteen at a time, Dahle's Vantage Trimmer is the perfect tool for the task. This traditional style paper cutter has many unique features that offer safety and convenience while giving you the accuracy you require. A blade that will not stay up or falls unexpectedly can be very dangerous. The Vantage Trimmer solves this problem with it's spring action blade that remains in the up position while in use, and can be locked in the down position when the project is complete. An automatic clamp securely holds your work in place and prevents it from shifting. The ground metal blade in combination with the automatic clamp, will consistently produce a clean, burr-free cut without fanning. The trimmer is composed of a sturdy metal base that will not warp or crack. The lightweight materials make it portable enough to position anywhere. Dahle Vantage Trimmers are available in 12", 15" and 18" cutting lengths and are a popular choice among photographers, craft enthusiasts and office professionals.
* 12" cutting blade with 15 sheet capacity

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