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Infiniti lightscribe V2 16X dvd-r 4.7GB gold (10PK)

Infiniti LightScribe v2 16x DVD-R 4.7Gb Gold (10pk)
LightScribe discs will not peel or smudge like printed CD labels. Fade is unheard of, as images are etched by a laser, whereas printed CD labels can deteriorate and fade over time. The process requires no other consumable, no ink and no printing. Just burn your data, flip it over, and burn your image into the other side of the disc with the same writer. It really is that simple. The results are totally water resistant and permanent.
LightScribe Double Layer DVDs are not yet available. LightScribe DVD media thus far has only been available in DVD-R format, and prices have been steadily decreasing. Colored DVD discs are now becoming more widely available.
LightScribe CD-R have been available for sale since about 2006. After the initial gold discs were launched, colored LightScribe CDR also followed. However these are just a different background burning surface, and they do not actually write in photographic color.
Infiniti make a range of LightScribe CD-R, DVD-R and colored LS discs. as with all other LightScribe media, Infiniti discs require a compatible DVD/CD burner and software.
Visit Lightscribe.com for a full set of easy to follow step-by-step instructions, help and tips on how to use this great new technology.
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