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Jb platinum dv-142N 5CFM

* Blank-Off Isolation Valve -Isolates the vacuum pump from the system in order to determine if there are any leaks in the system.
* Gas Ballast Valve- reduces oil contamination, thereby decreasing evacuation time.
* 2 Stage Direct Drive- achieves a deeper vacuum.
* All metal construction with finned aluminum housing reduces heat during operation.
* Tested to 15 Microns- ensuring a truly ultimate deep vacuum -(*One Micron On A U-Tube Manometer. 25,400 Microns = 1 )
* 1/2 HP, capacitor start with thermal overload protected motor is powerful to get any job done quickly.
* O-ring sealed easy open drain valve prevents unwanted leaks.
* All brass fittings make for superior quality.
* Check valve prevents oil backflow during power failure.
* Break resistant steel handle with cushioned cool grip for easy portability.
* Large, easy to see sight glass ensures oil level is always visible.
* Wide stance four point base is heavy duty to prevent overturning.
* Housing protected drain valve.
* Low Profile Rocker Switch to avoid inadvertently shutting off power.
* Completely field repairable rendering less down time so you can get the job done.

Jb platinum dv-142N 5CFM Jb platinum dv-142N 5CFM